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Pioneering A Seed to A Towering Legacy: Diamond Jubilee Celebration

SP Guide Publications takes a monumental leap forward to celebrate yet another milestone, marking its diamond jubilee Ė a staggering 60 years of excellence in 2024! This momentous occasion is a testament to the unwavering vision and dedication that has propelled the company from a humble seed to a towering oak, shaping the landscape of defence information and analysis.

The Visionary Seed: A Legacy of Nationalism and Integrity

The story begins in 1964, with the indomitable spirit of Shri Sukhdeo Prasad Baranwal, a true nationalist, journalist, and author. Driven by an unwavering dedication to serving the armed forces, he sowed the very first seed Ė the pioneering Military Yearbook. His notable written works include 'Measures of Civil Defence in India'; 'India Faces War'; Guide Almanac and Yearbook; 'Swatantra Bharat Ki Veergatha'; 'Eent Ka Jawab' and many more, all reflecting his intense nationalist leanings. His legacy, imbued with integrity, unwavering principles, and an unflinching adherence to truth, continues to be the guiding light for SP Guide Publications.

Flourishing Under Nurturing Leadership

The baton of leadership gracefully passed to Mr. Jayant Baranwal, who has steered SP Guide Publications on a glorious journey for the past six decades. In a move that paid homage to the founder, "Guide Publications" was rechristened "SP Guide Publications," forever etching the founder's initials in the company's very name.

A Diamond-Studded Portfolio: Catering to Every Niche

SP Guide Publications has not only grown in stature but also in scope. At regular intervals, the company has strategically expanded its portfolio with niche magazines, establishing itself as a one-stop shop for domain-specific media. The company's global reach, a hallmark of its flourishing presence, is further solidified by internationally audited publications.

These publications are the shining jewels in SP Guide Publications' crown, each driven by unparalleled content quality. The company boasts an elite panel of editorial staff, some of whom are distinguished veterans from the military and industry, ensuring unparalleled expertise and insight.

A Galaxy of Renowned Publications

  • SP's Military Yearbook (1965): SP Guide Publications' first and flagship publication, the Military Yearbook was rechristened as SP's Military Yearbook in 1992. Today the Yearbook is regarded as the Bible of Military Information for the Armed Forces and the Industry.
  • SPís Aviation (1998): This cutting-edge magazine caters to both military and civil aviation, offering invaluable information and analysis that propels the sector forward. True to its motto, it provides "sharp content for a sharp audience."
  • SP's ShowNews (2004): SP Guide Publications brings this publication to life at key aviation and military events, offering a ringside view to industry professionals on the go.
  • SPís Land Forces (2004): A bi-monthly dedicated solely to land forces, this magazine offers a comprehensive picture of the armed forces landscape, not just in India but across the Asia-Pacific region. It holds the prestigious distinction of being the first true army journal in the world.
  • SPís Naval Forces (2006): The one and only magazine dedicated to the world's navies, SP's Naval Forces provides a veritable sea of information on naval trends, technologies, markets, and insightful analysis, all delivered on a bi-monthly basis.
  • SPís AirBuz (2008): A forward-looking and content-rich magazine, SP's AirBuz fuels growth in the civil aviation sector, not just in India but across Asia.
  • SPís M.A.I. (2011): Published fortnightly, SP's M.A.I. (military, aerospace, and internal security) provides rapid updates and insightful analysis on safeguarding a nation.
  • BizAvIndia (2015): The official magazine of the Business Aircraft Operators' Association (BAOA) to keep the business aviation industry informed and connected. Perhaps the only dedicated Business Aviation magazine in India, it reflects current industry trends and discusses issues to help grow the business aviation sector in India.
  • SP's Civil Aviation Yearbook (2017): The only such publication being published, it gives a snap-shot analysis on the 16 biggest Aviation markets in Asia, expanding its reach to cover various sub markets across the whole of the Asian continent from the west to the East. Get all the information in one place as more than half of the Yearbook is devoted to data.

A Trusted Partner: Championing Industry Growth

As a publication group with a deep sense of responsibility, SP Guide Publications actively partners with the industry and military to organise events, conferences, and other related activities that stimulate critical thinking and propel progress. The company holds a record-breaking distinction Ė it is the sole publication to be designated as the 'Key Official Media Partner' for prestigious events like Aero India, Wings India, and DefExpo, to name a few.

Beyond the Printed Page: A Legacy of Proactive Engagement

SP Guide Publications isn't content with just publishing exceptional content. The company actively participates in the industry as a whole. It holds memberships in esteemed organisations like the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) of the USA and the Business Aircraft Operators Association (BAOA) of India. Additionally, the group is deeply committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

As SP Guide Publications celebrates its diamond jubilee, the company reflects on its remarkable journey and looks towards a future brimming with exciting possibilities. The company's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that it will continue to be a beacon of light for the Aerospace and Defence Sector.

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